Step 01

Complete our web-based visa application form with basic details like name, nationality, contact no, etc.


Step 02

Upload scanned copies of your supporting travel documents.


Step 03

Pay the visa charge using the online payment link. You can either utilize a credit card, bank transfer/deposit to make the payment.

Applying for a UAE visa is now very easier with very simple steps. You can apply for UAE tourist visas from around the world within 3 simple steps. Bring your relatives and companions without any hassles. Zeal Travels presents the most issue-free online-based visa administration, you can present an application and accept your visa totally online without presenting your passport for stamping.

96 hours transit visa

Getting a transit visa for UAE is a very easy and simple process. The guidelines and prerequisites are adequately explicit to necessitate that you plan well ahead of time in the event that you need to escape the air terminal.

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14 days UAE visa

This sort of visa is suggested for guests getting ready for a short stay in Dubai or UAE for Trips, Meetings, Conferences, or Transit stay. The necessities for acquiring this vacationer visa for Dubai differ contingent upon your identity.

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30 days UAE visa

For those people who want to take a short trip to UAE to catch up with their family or friends, a tourist visa valid for 30 days will be an ideal option for you.

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90 days UAE long term visa

The 90 days long-haul Dubai visa is awesome on the off chance that you have family in Dubai or anyplace in the UAE and need to visit the traveler objections. Most normal visa administration costumer like. The cost incorporates travel protection. 90 days UAE visa is the longest an individual can profit right now for remaining in UAE as a vacationer. The stay can be broadened further through inside country visa change process.

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30 days UAE multiple entry visa

The various section visa for 30 days is of extraordinary worth to finance managers who might want to go inside the GCC or even to different nations on the planet.

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90 days UAE multiple entry visa

The 90 days different section visa permits you to go all through the UAE on various occasions for a time of 90 days. In the event that you have earnest business in Dubai and in different nations in the Middle East, this visa will be a helpline.

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